The reason I blog

A personal blog space

Sharing adventure from a personal perspective as I explore fabulous locations around the UK

A passion for Walking, Wild camping, National trails and Exploring

Logging adventure by blogging, photographs, videos and news

A range of different adventures both solo and in groups

Offering tips and advice based on what I learn

To receive positive feedback from likeminded individuals

Discussing and reviewing gear, kit and equipment

To share walk routes, maps, challenges and competitions

And there’s so much more…

To know more about me, my passions and why I started this blog, then please have a read of my ABOUT ME page where I have provided a more in-depth explanation of what I do, what I get out of it and what I am hoping to achieve.

Wild Camping

Wild camping is about getting out there. It is not all about having the best kit or the most expensive gear. You can still enjoy the wild and get the best out of the great outdoors whilst on a budget.

Click the button below for a full list of equipment, gear and kit which I currently use or have tried previously. I have even provided a personal review from my own experience.


A quest to bag all 88 Trig Points in the Peak District National Park. Check out my Trig Challenge page for a more detailed look.

Loch Ness 360: 80 miles full circle

Loch Ness 360 solo backpacking thru hike out now in full series blog!

Loch Ness 360 Daily Blogs

Coming soon: 100 miles along Scotland’s greatest long distance trail – The West Highland Way

West Highland Way backpacking thru hike coming soon.

West Highland Way Daily Blogs

West Highland Way: Day 1 – Milngavie to Garadhban Forest (click image)